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Team-building of Sunleem in Longquan,Zhejiang Province

Date:2018-9-4 14:29


At the peak of Huang Mao Jian, the staff of Suleem ushered in sunrise.


It was late autumn with shallow cool. Our middle and senior leaders, advanced cadres

and staff came visited Lishui city and Longquan city to carry out a two-day team-building

                                    activities on 2nd,Dec.2017.

We've arrived Lishui famous scenic spot--Gu Yan Hua Xiang at the first day of the trip.

There are ancient streets, pavilions quaies, celadon kiln site, large and small ancient

villages and ancient camphor tree groups. They are the image of the natural simplicity

                                       of the ancient village in the south of China with beautiful views.


Photoed under the ancient camphor tree which is with 3,000 years indicated the foundation evergreen


We climb the first peak of Zhejiang-Huang Mao Jian in the next day four o'clock to

                                          greet the arrival of the new "Dawn".

The image above is the source of the Ou Jiang.It is the mother river of Wenzhou City.

One of the purpose of this team-building is to take our staff tracing back to the source,

always reminding them to do not forget beginner's mind, bettering forward.

Psychologist Landy Leisen said: "Emotions in the work is very important.Positive emotions

can help you to do better and more efficient completion of the task."

Through this activity, we could get closer to the nature, strengthen our body and

relieve the pressure. At the same time, it also exercised everyone's perseverance

and enhanced the team cohesion. We believe that we will be able to fully devote

ourselves to our work and create better achievements through this activity.

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